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"Christmas in July" at Baldini's Casino Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Northern Nevada Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs presented checks from the 28th annual Reno Toy Run in the amount of $1000.00 each to: Reno Foster Care, Kids Cottage, Kids and Horses Adaptive Riding Center, Children's Cabinet, the Family Shelter and Angel Kiss Foundation.

In addition a special award of one thousand dollars was given to the "Bring Bri Justice Foundation". For a total of seven thousand dollars given by the bikers to local community service organizations


Northern Nevada Confederation of Clubs

The Northern Nevada Confederation of Clubs is a Motorcycle Rights Organization. The Confederation was formed in 1997 to represent and support the motorcycle riding community of Northern Nevada. The Confederation supports both clubs and individual motorcycle riders. We welcome, not only Harley Davidson riders but riders of all brands and types of motorcycles riders, to attend a meeting and to join our alliance to fight discrimination and the stereotype that Motorcyclists' are anything other than what we are; honest and hardworking voters and citizens that are demanding our rights.

Did you know that any group of 3 or more riders together can be considered a gang? It does not matter if you have a patch, ride a Sport Bike, a BMW or a Harley.

Do you know that at a recent annual MC event here that local police had multiple snipers overlooking the street and officers armed with M-4's and other full auto assault rifles walking the streets of Northern Nevada like we were in Iraq or under Marshall Law?

Are you tired of seeing TV shows like Gangland and Sons of Anarchy depicting Motorcycle Clubs as Gangs and drug dealing murders? Since the 1950's Films and TV have shown "Bikers" over and over as evil, lawless hooligans. While we support artistic freedom, we ask you take a minute to see how many of your co-workers and neighbors are bikers, not criminals or gang members. Enjoy those shows for what they are FICTION! Just as Anthony Hopkins is not Hannibal Lector; we are not gang members, it is only fiction!

We invite all LIBERTY MINDED NEVADANS to join our cause for Freedom. We ask you to think about the slippery slope that Law Enforcement and Government has set upon to spy on and control our most basic rights; Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly. So if you are an independent rider or have a group you ride with we ask you to join our cause, for way too many years we have been led to believe that Sport bikers and Harley Riders have nothing in Common, that BMW or Goldwing riders are different from "US". We are all riding the same roads, being harassed by police and car drivers, we need to unite and speak with one loud and clear voice - we demand our rights, and we VOTE!



We support or Troops. We want them home ASAP and Victorious!
We put our money where our mouth is!
This Year the NNVCOC sponsored the
1st "Biker Night" in the Green Zone of Iraq!


We all supplied swag and support gear and here are photos from Baghdad
Click on image above to enlarge


2007 Ride to the MDA Summer Camp in South Shore Lake Tahoe


This is a Video Produced by Jack Sutton, our Media Director of the 2007 Ride to the MDA Summer Camp in South Shore Lake Tahoe. If you Double click on the video it will zoom to full screen on most systems - Thanks for the Support - We hop to see you at Camp this year in August 2010  

Since the beginning the Confederation has been involved in the state legislative process, community events,
fund raising and protecting your First Amendment Rights. A few examples of Confederation actions include;

  • The Nevada Blue Dot Tail Lamp Law
  • Annual Reno Toy Run (Click here for details)
  • Carson City “Colors in the Courthouse” Victory