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Next NNVCOC Meeting is on 
Thursday December 10th, 2015

Clubhouse at Washoe County Golf Course. 


They will be serving; group meal or order off the menu They also have a full bar.

Board meeting @ 6PM / General Meeting @ 7PM
We ask all members respect that we are in a neighborhood,  let's be good neighbors!



Northern Nevada COC 2015
Ride & Event Calendar 

14th  Branded Few MC  Valentines Dance  775. 425.2053
28th  Mercenaries MC Shon D Clemo 3rd  Annual Memorial 775. 203.2650
7th  Wild Bunch MC Winnemucca ~ Wild Bunch Auction 775. 848.9753
28th  Branded Few MC Desert Wishes ~ Easter Basket Run 775. 410.4117
11th  Fallen MC Spring Fling Party 775. 240.4069
18th  Boozefighters MC 5th Annual Spring Fling 775. 691.3881
19th  Righteous Ones MC Righteous Ones ~ Swap Meet 775. 291.2775
25th Bikers For Christ MM 14th Annual ~ Biker Blessing 775. 359.4446
2nd Longrider Cowboys MC 11th Annual Trent Wells MDA Poker Run 775. 772.1996
3rd  Mercenaries MC Summer Countdown N Bash 775. 203.2650
9th Vagos MC 6th Annual Humane Society Run 775. 560.2299
16th  BACA Bikers Against Child Abuse 100 Mile Run 775. 771.0498
16th Chariots of Choice Annual Chili Dog Fund Raiser FLYER
17th  COC Independents X-Mans Ride For Life 775. 427.5142
23rd Wild Bunch MC Robert Leroy Parker Poker Run 775. 848.9753
25th  Vietnam/Legacy Vets MC   Memorial Day Remembrance Run FLYER 775. 233.4377
30th  Over The Hill MC Poker Run & BBQ 775. 881.8960
31st NNVCOC Photo Tonopah Nevada  
6th Nevada Nomads 17th Annual Best Breasts in the West   See Flyer
6th Crew MC Party & Mexican Feast  NEW FLYER 775. 913.6028
7th Fallen MC Break The Silence 775. 324.5433
13th INMC Autumn's Wheels / INMC Clubhouse 775.815.6768
19th  Wild Bunch MC Elko Jamboree 19th – 21st  775.848.9753
19th NNVCOC Friends of Rick; Benefit at the Henchmen's Clubhouse 6PM- ???  
20th  Wild Bunch MC Desert Thunder Poker Run 775. 753.9711
20th  Street Kings MC 9th Annual Anniversary Party 775. 250.7193
27th Henchmen MC Summer In the Hood ~ Party 775. 527.0051
27th Fellowship Riders Down Riders BBQ & Scavenger Hunt NEW FLYER 775. 450.6426
4th Rip City Riders MC 2nd Annual Run 707. 479.2098
11th  IOOB MC 4th Annual World Famous Pig Roast 775. 378.8080
18th Fellowship Riders Downed Riders Hoot Owl Ice Cream Run  775. 450.6426
24th  Wild Bunch MC 7th Annual Outback Poker Run 775. 813.3015
25th  Silver Barons MC 12th Annual Anniversary Party 775. 742.8781
1st  Brotherhood MC Hogg Wild XXI 775. 588.0341
15th  Henchmen MC Henchmen For Heroes WWP PR 775. 527.0051
22nd  Boozefighters MC Boozefighters Summer Bash FLYER 775. 691.3881
29th  Fallen MC Summer Bash Party 775. 240.4069
5th  Street Kings Mc Street Kings Annual Party 775. 250.7193
12th  Iron Nation MC 9 – 11 Never Forget - 14TH Annual FLYER 775. 830.8405
12th  Wild Bunch MC 16th Anniversary Party ~ Austin NV 775. 848.9753
13th  POBOB MC Austin’s House Run 775. 552.5752
19th  Fellowship Riders Unity Ride ~ Angle Tree Toy Run NEW FLYER 775. 450.6426
19th   Austin's House Poker Run  FLYER 775.721.7111
20th  Ghost Soldiers MC Dayton Valley Days Show & Shine 775. 443.5274
25th Nevada Nomads 17th Annual Best Breast in the West  FLYER 775.440.1747
26th  Nevada Nomads 18th Annual Cathouse Poker Run  FLYER


3rd  Brotherhood MC 25th Lake Tahoe ~ Christmas Toy Run FLYER 775. 588.0341
4th  BACA Bikers Against Child Abuse BBQ 775.771.0498
10th  Vagos MC 14th Annual ~ Coats For Kids  775. 560-2299
17th  Wild Bunch MC 8th Annual Memorial Run ~ Elko 775. 753.9711
24th  Boozefighters MC  Gardnerville Toy Run 775. 691.3881
8th  All Clubs 30th Annual ~ Carson City Toy Run 775.322.2495
14th  Ghost Soldiers MC Toy Run ~  Virginia City Kids 775. 443.5274
15th  Chariots of Choice MC Toy raising event at the Sparks Lounge


22nd  NNVCOC Free Photo with Santa - Chester's Reno H-D 12 - 4:00PM
22nd  Vagos MC Eagle Valley Children’s Home  775. 230.8692
 29th NNVCOC Free Photo with Santa - Chester's Reno H-D 12 - 4:00PM
5th  Nevada Nomads Poultry Party TBA
5th  NNVCOC Free Photo with Santa - Chester's Reno H-D 12 - 4:00PM
6th  NNVCOC - FLYER 35th Annual Reno Toy Run Parade start 11AM 775. 359.4446
10th  NNVCOC Calendar Meeting COC Meeting
12th  Desert Wishes Fernley Toy Run & Pancake Breakfast 775. 410.4117
12th  Wild Bunch MC 11th Annual Winnemucca Toy Run 775. 848.9753
19th  Nevada Nomads Turkey Giveaway  Sullivan Lane
19th  Henchmen MC Winter Solstice In the Hood  775. 527.0051

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 1550 Linda Way
 Sparks, NV 89431


 Please send any details and web friendly versions of your flyer for the
2015 Calendar to:

Please email me and I will be happy to post your bike night here too.
Most of the posts were no longer valid.

Northern Nevada Weekly  Bike Nights
All Bikes Welcome

Every Wednesday
Year Around!
5:00  to  ???

PJ & Company
Restaurant & Saloon
Reno's longest running bike night, all bikes welcome, specials and more!

1590 S. Wells Ave.
Reno, NV



Fridays - Seasonal
Starts at 6:00 PM

Brotherhood MC
@ American Legion Post
S. Lake Tahoe

Across From
Meek's Lumber




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